Black Lives Matter: How We’re Working for Change

Black Lives Matter: How We’re Working for Change

By Lisa Arledge Powell, President


It’s challenging to find the most appropriate way for me to speak out on the tragic deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor, as well as countless other individuals lost at the hands of the institution of racism that continues to poison our city, nation and world. So let’s start with the most important part.

Black lives matter.

While I am clear that these events are symptoms of larger systemic issues that have oppressed people of color for decades, I also feel that it’s my job as a company leader to acknowledge these recent events, meet them with understanding and to actively participate in their solution.  We are at a critical turning point, which will be memorialized in the annals of history, and if we remain focused, engage in the difficult conversations, and mobilize to clear and sustainable action, there will be better days and years ahead.

This week, MediaSource joined with more than 700 other Central Ohio businesses and community organizations — a number that has since risen to more than 2,000 — that are doing what we can to work toward systemic change. A letter signed by all the representatives was presented to Columbus City Council Monday, June 1 calling for racism to be declared a public health crisis so that appropriate funding, attention and discussion can follow. 

In the midst of this crisis, we cannot forget that as a communications firm we have the power to share important information and amplify the positive storylines that can help bring people together during this trying time. If there was ever a time to use our talents for the greater good, the opportunity is now.

I recognize that this is only the beginning and that a problem of this magnitude was not created overnight and cannot be fixed overnight. But together with my team, I am deeply committed to working for change both within our company and in our community at large.

I am very aware that we have as much work to do as anyone, but I’m proud that MediaSource is a part of this effort and I can promise that we are listening to those whose voices have been silenced for too long.

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