Forget Faux Pas, Why We’re Into Regifting Content!

Forget Faux Pas, Why We’re Into Regifting Content!

See why reusing or reworking content can help boost slowing social traffic and SEO

Seinfeld might have made “regifting” famous (who would give up a label maker!?), but in the world of content marketing, we forget that we’re producing great stories all year long and sometimes they deserve to be shared again. And the summer is the perfect time to repurpose content! Because people are spending time with friends and family or going to barbecues, social traffic and interaction with your brands can slow down and your goals might seem out of reach. Instead of cutting your losses, see how to make old content new with these tips to drive social posts and optimize content for SEO.

Strengthen Your SEO

No need to reinvent the wheel! A good strategy for repurposing content is to start with SEO or search engine optimization — basically how often and where (the first page or the 10th “o” in Google) your content comes up during a search. Content that ranks on the bottom half of a search page usually has high impressions on Google Search Console (or GSC, a service that allows you to optimize the visibility of your website) but a low click-through rate, or CTR (the number of people who see and actually click on the link to your content). To increase your content’s ranking, you can look for ways to optimize the page by adding more content to an old article, or using the GSC to see what keywords in your article have impressions (views) but no clicks. For example, if “swimming” is ranking high, you can add this word to your page’s title or description to work on earning your clicks and working your way up the SEO ladder. 

Pack Together Weak Content

For pages where CTR is low, you can definitely opt for a quick fix by optimizing the content’s title and description or, you can put your skills to the test by grouping content into a larger piece to give you more ranking power. Think brand messaging on a big scale: some old topics might be covering the similar points and work better stacked and melded together. Additionally, if you find there are certain keywords that are lacking content entirely,  see if you can create more messaging around the keyword, whether that’s through text, video or even an infographic. 

Repurpose Your Framework

You might not recognize someone on their beach vacation, and that’s because even familiar content can be revamped by rethinking the format or context of a piece. This can include everything from updating the messaging (has something changed in the industry that you should reflect in your content?) to expanding on a topic. Another good way to repurpose old content is to think about reformatting it — maybe an article needs to become a video or an infographic. By adding more information, you can curate and tailor your messages’ focus. 

Spice up Social

Sure, you might not have time to like everyone’s status, but that doesn’t mean you should give up on your social game. Look for trending topics or national holidays, these might be the perfect time to push old content with a new, timely twist. You can also generate buzz by asking your followers to interact with your post or #tbt. By telling them to share their own stories you’re not only reminding your followers of your great, relevant content, but you’re helping boost your engagement in new ways without having to hit the drawing board again. 

This summer season, don’t fear the social slow down, instead, find creative ways to rewrap and rehype your old content. It’s never too late to make an impact with what you already have— you can make your message the gift that keeps on giving. 

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