Get a Clue: Figure Out Who You Need on Your Content Marketing Team

Get a Clue: Figure Out Who You Need on Your Content Marketing Team

Surrounding yourself with the right people is key to making content marketing work

We’ve all heard it before: teamwork makes the dream work. But how are we supposed to know who exactly should make up our team? Because 89% of B2B marketers have reported using content marketing as part of their strategy, we know it’s important to have the right people wearing the right hats. From data work, to social media, to multimedia and media relations, it takes an assortment of talent to make your content marketing thrive. 

To help describe the types of people you need on your team, we’ve used the game of Clue to introduce you to the usual “suspects” who will get the job done. Here are the 5 biggest culprits that will guarantee your success:

1) Sergeant Strategy

Atten-tion! Sergeant Strategy isn’t just plotting her next move in the Conservatory, she’s actually got her eyes on the cards of every player on the team—and she should. Good content strategists keep your big-picture goals in mind, whether it’s running an audit of your website or developing promotional strategies. In addition to having strategists that are idea-generators and storytellers, a team with savvy Sergeants will better understand how their day-to-day work fits in with your company’s larger scope—after all, you’re playing to win. 


2) Mrs. Wordsmith 

Though she may seem easy to find, a talented Mrs. Wordsmith with background in journalism can make a world of difference. Mrs. Wordsmith knows that “getting away with” the perfect message might require flashy visuals and the right data, but a team without writers wouldn’t have much to work with. Wordsmiths know the best way to add value to your story and ultimately, your brand. Even if sitting behind a keyboard might seem as unsuspecting as choosing the candlestick, team members like Mrs. Wordsmith who interview, copyedit and communicate effectively are indispensable. 


3) Mr. Multimedia

Forget the laptop and iPhone camera—not just anyone is going to fulfill your team’s multimedia needs. When your Mr. Multimedia crew doesn’t have their eyes pressed to a camera lens, they’re directing and coordinating shoots and editing video projects. Because the visual elements of a campaign are 40 times more likely to be shared, it’s important to cultivate a group of multimedia pros who can handle all of your company’s messaging needs. With the right Mr. Multimedia types, you’ll generate shareable, creative content that will attract the attention of media across the Hall and worldwide.  


4) Miss Teller

Miss Teller is tweeting about what’s happening in the Billiard Room the same time she manages a reporter in the Study.  It’s all part of a good promotions and amplification strategy for your content. Because there are 2.34 billion social media users worldwide, a content marketing team needs someone whose approach goes beyond the occasional hashtag and like. Having experts like Miss Teller prepares your team to implement your outreach strategy across all your company’s key channels. By promoting posts, managing media relations and organizing paid promotions, people like Miss Teller are all about crafting snappy, compelling strategies that get attention, allowing you to reach your target audience. 

5) Detective Data 

Sometimes the biggest player is the one we least expect. Don’t make the mistake of overlooking the importance of the data analyst role on your content marketing team. All about strategy, data detectives have the whole game figured out before you’ve even started. It’s important to have in-house analytic team members who understand the role of metrics in order to evaluate past campaigns and shift future goals. By having results quantified and tracked, you can be sure your project details can prove a campaign’s success and don’t remain a mystery.


By combining the talents of these content marketing players, you’ll be able to round out your team and leave you feeling, well, less clueless, about what it will take to accomplish your goals. 


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