Grab the Buzz: How to Ignite Your Social Strategy with Influencers and Instagram

Grab the Buzz: How to Ignite Your Social Strategy with Influencers and Instagram

Instagram is the perfect place to utilize nontraditional amplification strategies

If you asked people where they were getting their content these days, you might be surprised by the number that rely on social influencers on Instagram to hear from their favorite brands. Okay, we admit it: we’ve bought a few things from our favorite content gurus, and yes, we really like the socks! And we’re not the only ones. Although commercials are still top dog when it comes to disseminating a message, we’ve definitely come a long way from the “Mad Men” days of advertising and marketing. In fact, social influencers are having more of an impact on ROI than ever. The reason? People want to believe the marketing they see is authentic, and often relate to the influencers and platforms doing the amplifying. Here are some ways you can utilize influencers as a nontraditional media relations tactic to enhance audience engagement.

Build Relationships with Influencers

So you and your team have decided to pursue influencers as a way to drive your social media marketing efforts. The best way to connect? Reaching out in a friendly way that proves you understand their story and have engaged with their content. Here are some go-to tips:

  1. Instead of approaching influencers with an immediate ask, demonstrate your knowledge of their brand. Say something that indicates you know who their target market is and what their business represents. “Hi, I really enjoyed your post on XYZ,” can be a great way to start because it conveys you’re paying attention to their content and would know how to form a good working relationship.
  2. From there, make sure you have a clear set of goals and expectations you can give someone who agrees to work with you — your team should treat influencers as they would any other paid media strategy, and be able to track the return on this investment. Of course, you need to iron out specific language (hashtags, links, phrasing), but you also need to establish a way to measure the results of the influencer’s reach. As always, you’ll need to build strategic insights into your campaign’s lifecycle.
  3. Finally, influencers are people, too! Even if your budget doesn’t allow you to reach out to the top influencers with millions of followers, starting small and finding a niche topic or industry is a good place to start. You can also find ways to build on your relationship with creative incentives like free memberships or discounted services that will drive your rapport. Leveraging your company’s benefits is a great way to convince an influencer to become part of your team’s social media efforts.

Get Instagram-Ready

Using Instagram isn’t the same as using other social media channels. Like each, Instagram boasts its own unique offerings. Before you hit the streets with your influencer campaign, or even if you’re going out alone, make sure you understand these tips about working with the platform.

  • Short videos are key: On Instagram, you have 60 seconds to tell your story and convey your message to your target audience. If you’re working with an influencer, decide how you’re going to balance authenticity with your brand’s message. Keep it simple and use this opportunity to play up your personality.
  • Know the IGTV rules: Instagram’s IGTV feature that popularized long-form vertical videos is now going…horizontal. With a new, multi-modal format, you’ll need to adjust your strategy, literally. Instead of only shooting vertical videos, think about how your visual needs might adopt to landscape view. Say you need to establish place using a wide-angle shot, this is your opportunity to use their long-form space to fit your messaging needs. With its candor and newfound flexibility, IGTV might be a good place for your brand to answer questions and have longer stories.
  • Put it to the image: Of course, Instagram is all about the image. If using Instagram is part of your social strategy, make sure you’re investing in the right tools to make sure your visuals standout. Try using filters like VSCO cam or calling in the experts to shoot that video with your BIG message. It could make all the difference for views and engagement.


Are you ready to double tap? With these tactics, adopting new amplification strategies isn’t as daunting or “millennial” as they might seem. In fact, you might take your stories to new levels with these innovative, Instagram-worthy moves.

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