Happy National Love Your Pet Day! Meet the MediaSource Barketing Team

Happy National Love Your Pet Day! Meet the MediaSource Barketing Team

At MediaSource, we’re softies when it comes to our pets. That’s why we have a dog-friendly office where you can find any number of our employees’ pups on a given work day.

Our mission always revolves around great results for our clients, but we understand the importance of having your best friend by your side while doing what you love.

We’re celebrating National Love Your Pet Day this week by highlighting our favorite pals who provide a much-needed dose of companionship around our office: 

Murphy: The most ever-present member of the Barketing team, Murphy the bulldog can be found snorting, sleeping and destroying things in the office of Creative Director Jerred Ziegler. She grew up as an office staple and member of the MediaSource family, but that doesn’t stop her from getting into mischief around the office. Don’t eat that, Murph!

If you hear an odd whine echoing around our hallway, it probably means Murphy is being needy and crying behind her baby gate while Jerred is in a meeting. 


Oscar: The tiny Oscar is the newest and cutest member of the MediaSource team. When we first met this little guy, he could fit into one hand but was already happy to pick a play fight with the much larger Murphy. You can usually find this plucky miniature schnauzer running around with bigger dogs and then immediately falling asleep.

The best way to make our team members shriek with excitement is to bring Oscar into the room.


Skylan: Our resident service dog flunkie is Skylan the golden retriever. This beautiful boy was just a little too protective of his favorite belongings, so he didn’t make the cut for service work. But that just benefits our team, who loves our visits with the extremely social and lovable Skylan, or “Chili,” his Skyline-inspired nickname. 

If he approaches you with his favorite toy, be sure to tell him how impressed you are. It means a lot to him.


Benny: He may look like a Direwolf, but we promise Benny is just another MediaSource pup. This big guy loves to adventure with Barb Consiglio, our senior producer. He’s lived in 11 different cities with Barb, including his current home in Cleveland, where Barb works with MediaSource remotely. 

We wouldn’t recommend trying it, but if any MediaSource pup is capable of giving you a ride like a horse, it’s Benny. 


Carly: One of the older members of our Barketing team, this lovable sheltie makes up for a lack of activity by being extremely adorable. If Carly is in the office, you can bet she’s curled up in a comfy spot near Evan, our social media specialist. 

Her ears aren’t so great these days, so be sure to speak up when you offer her a treat.


Sydni: Little Sydni is our office diva and companion to our President, Lisa Arledge Powell. Wherever Lisa goes, Sydni can usually be found close by. Sydni probably has more style than you and is definitely more pampered. She’s been a key part of MediaSource for more than a decade.

Sydni’s favorite office pastime is silently walking under your desk to surprise you. Don’t smush her!

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