How the MediaSource team hopes COVID-19 will change in the world

How the MediaSource team hopes COVID-19 will change in the world

It goes without saying the entire world is currently feeling the impacts of COVID-19. But what will the world look like when this pandemic is over? An event as significant and global as this will not go away without leaving lasting effects, but we’re hoping that not all of them will be negative. Here are some of the ways the MediaSource team hopes things will change for the better after COVID-19:  


Lisa: I hope people have the opportunity to slow down and enjoy some of their forced time at home right now. I hope they realize after this is over that they do not have to keep moving so quickly.


Molly: I hope we learn to never take for granted the time we have with friends and family. And when this is over, I hope we plan more trips, go out and dance, experience new restaurants together, plan game nights, call each other more often and just be able to “be” together, even if that’s sitting on the couch at home! 


Garry: I hope after COVID-19, voters realize we need leaders with critical thinking skills that embrace science and facts. I hope people will use their vote in November to elect leaders who work to protect their citizens. 


Chelsea: It seems like a lot of us are learning that we can be just as busy as we want to be. This forced slow-down has made me realize that I am in control of what I’m involved in and what I dedicate my time to. I hope we can all work on shifting our priorities and focus on and appreciate the simple things in life.


Kevin: I hope people learn that social media can be used for good and start to shift to using it this way. There is no reason why it has to be a tool to divide us all. We’re much stronger together!


Roshawnda: During this time, we have seen that our health can be compromised by just doing basic things like going to an appointment, restaurant or the grocery store. We have to take not just our own health into consideration, but those around us as well — especially the more vulnerable population. I hope we take this compassion and make it a part of our daily lives moving forward.


Shannon: I hope this spirit of community, where we are all in it together, continues. 


Emily: I’m really noticing lately what makes me happy — a blooming tree, a spring wreath on a door, spring flowers, a fun song, dancing with my kids. I’m actually feeling the “joy” from these small moments more than I did before. I hope we all learn to appreciate things in life more and not take it all for granted.


Barb: I hope we all continue to find ways to stay in better touch with friends and family. I’ve seen and talked to my friends more on Zoom in the past month than I have in the past year with some of them. I hope we all realize that friends and family are important and add so much to our daily lives. It’s worth the effort to reach out with a phone call, get on FaceTime or plan a lunch.

Christian: I hope we don’t forget who the essential workers are in our society after this is over. We are seeing now more than ever how critical certain jobs are, and I have noticed a lot of positive comments on social media about these workers. I hope this recognition and support continues after this crisis is over.

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