In Content, One Size Does Not Fit All

In Content, One Size Does Not Fit All

Avoid looking lazy and maximize your impact by diversifying your content delivery

Content is King, but you already knew that.

If you’re reading this blog, then you know how indispensable compelling content is for driving your brand’s message forward. Storytelling is the foundation of all good content strategies. Effective communication helps paint a picture for your audience and bring your brand’s value to life. But with more content avenues out there than ever, and existing ones evolving every day, how can your brand be sure you’re maximizing the impact of your message?

By understanding the nature of these channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blogs, etc.), your audience, and how they behave on each. Understanding that one size does NOT fit all in content will help you craft your messaging to fit each platform, amplify your impact and expand your reach across all.

Same story, different delivery.

When you’re crafting a content strategy for the plethora of your brand’s digital platforms, your story isn’t going to change. But the way you tell it on LinkedIn, which caters to professional audiences interested in building their network, naturally needs to be different than the way you convey it to folks on Twitter, which has character limitations, an audience that typically skews younger and content that’s more lighthearted.

This fun infographic from Add This conveys the nuances of each platform nicely, using donuts as a vehicle to drive the point home.

Take, for example, how the American Dairy Association Mideast shared the news of its partnership with the Ohio High School Athletic Association and the benefits of chocolate milk across different platforms.

On Twitter, a short, succinct message complete with a pun, high-performing hashtags and an appropriate image got the job done.

For Facebook, where video has been dominating the fight for user engagement, the strategy — and the content—was different. The association partnered with MediaSource to produce this Emmy-nominated video especially suited for ADA’s Facebook audience. The result was a high-engaging post.

2017 Butter Display

The secret is out! The 2017 butter display at the Ohio State Fair is a salute to chocolate milk, the official beverage of the Ohio High School Athletic Association. For the first time ever, the butter sculptors included color in their masterpiece, made from about 2,000 pounds of butter over about 500 hours. Watch this time lapse video to see how it all came together!

Posted by American Dairy Association Mideast on Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The point is, content not crafted for the unique offering of each channel will be lost on your audience. Understanding who that audience is and how they interact with you will help you customize your messaging to best reach them, maximizing your brand’s exposure.

Start diversifying your message using these tips today!

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