MediaSource at the Movies: Our Team’s Favorite Films of the Year

With the Academy Awards just days away, it’s officially movie season, and it’s bringing out the critics among the creative types of the MediaSource staff.

Our team is typically busy winning awards and collaborating with journalists, but when the MediaSource crew is off work, some of us like to catch a movie every now and then. Plus, our office is in the building that housed the Arlington Theater way back in the 1930s, so we come by it honestly!

From our staff movie buffs to those still catching up on early 2000s hits, we asked our staff for the best films they’ve seen in the last year in celebration of the Oscars:


Garry: Once Upon a Time In Hollywood. Getting Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio together on screen in a Tarantino film is worth the price of admission. Plus, late 1960s Hollywood is a fun place to visit. A close second would be Detective Pikachu. Ryan Reynolds’ voice coming out of a furry mouse-like creature is just hilarious.


Evan: I love a good scary movie, and US definitely topped my list of all-time favorites. With an original plot, a greatsoundtrack and tons of symbolism, it kept me on my seat the whole time. Plus, Lupita Nyong’o did an amazing job as the lead — she deserves an award for playing such a complex character!



Aleesia: A Marriage Story hit me hard. It was such a raw, honest and heart-wrenching look at a couple’s journey over the years. It was truly an emotional rollercoaster and I found myself laughing through my occasional tears. I would highly recommend checking this movie out — just make sure you have a box of tissues handy!


Christian: Try not to judge me too hard, but my favorite movie I saw last year was Toy Story 4. Every year around the Oscars, I tell myself I should see more movies, but I never do. Pretty much the only time I go to the movies is to see new Disney and Pixar movies with my little sister. Toy Story 4 had all the fun and emotion you would expect from a Toy Story film, plus Pixar’s most colorful and crisp animation yet. That being said, I hated the ending. I’m all for Toy Story 5 to fix what happened!


Roshawnda: I recently watched The Upside with Kevin Hart and Bryan Cranston, based on a true story about the friendship that developed between a wealthy quadriplegic and an unemployed ex-con. The reason the movie resonated with me was because there were lots of life lessons in the story that we take for granted. Life can be unfair, and this life is bigger than just you and your circumstance. You never know who will be placed in your life to change you as a person. It’s all about perspective.


Alyssa: I saw Donnie Darko for the first time this year and it blew my mind apart! I can’t stop thinking about the ending (or wondering why it took me so long to see it in the first place).


Molly: I don’t watch many movies, but the best movie I’ve seen in the last year is Booksmart. It was awesome to see a comedy by women and starring women, that was not only hilariously written and executed but had a storyline that was an ode to how teenagers are reacting to the world today — more in tune with a political identity, feminist identity, etc.


Chris: Cats, no question about it. Kidding! I think 1917 was my favorite. The cinematography of watching a “one”-shot film was just mind-blowing for me. I thought the characters were great, it was well-paced and was revolutionary in the movie industry.


Kevin: It might be a (fairly) generic response, but my favorite movie of the past year was Avengers: Endgame. Outside of it being just truly an epic movie, I feel like a lot of other folks would have stumbled over having to include that many characters and that many subplots into one movie. But the Russo brothers, Marvel and Disney did an excellent job of making it all work. It’s one of the biggest cultural zeniths of the last decade and really one of the only ones that got it right, in my opinion.

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