MediaSource Celebrates 20 Years of Exceptional Innovation

See where the company that pioneered the use of content for PR is headed in the future

MediaSource is saying goodbye to their teenage years and hello to the big 2 – 0. Even though the communications industry has undergone a dramatic evolution in the 20 years since we’ve opened for business, what hasn’t changed is our company’s cutting-edge founding principle – that content drives public relations and marketing results.

MediaSource, co-founded by current President Lisa Arledge Powell in 1998, is known for pioneering the use of video and other content to reshape the way companies foster brand engagement and achieve results.   

“Since the day MediaSource opened for business, we’ve led with strategic storytelling as the foundation to achieving brand exposure,” said Arledge Powell. “The communications industry has now caught up and today embraces what we’ve practiced and perfected for two decades,” said Arledge Powell.

So, want to know how we did it?

A team even better than *NSYNC

While content marketing may seem like a familiar public relations tactic today, MediaSource is one of a handful of companies nationwide that offers the full scope of what it takes to get content marketing results. We’ve got a full multimedia content production team with an in-house studio, a public relations team with media relations and social media experts, as well as a strategy and analytics team, which measures and calculates the return on investment.

Our company’s secret sauce? According to Arledge Powell, it’s the people. “You can’t innovate and win awards without an exceptional team, and right now our team is the best it’s ever been,” said Arledge Powell. “We have veteran communications and creative professionals who lead strategy along with a leadership team that includes some of the top young talent in this industry. I know the power and passion of our team will continue to bring us to the next level, even 20 years from now.”

In fact, it’s through the talents of the right people that MediaSource was able to introduce one of our most important offerings, which would go on to change media outlets’ day-to-day operations.

A solution with more views than Seinfeld

MediaSource’s proprietary digital video delivery system, the Multimedia Newsroom, revolutionized the PR industry. Ten years ago, many media properties weren’t even willing to access such a system — downloading videos over the internet was a totally new concept. Today, this digital tool delivers thousands of multimedia content elements to top media channels such as CNN, NBC News and the Huffington Post, keeping MediaSource’s clients in the national spotlight.

Our team’s strategy-focused approach also foregrounds the importance of results. We’ve got the analytic backbone to measure content against business impact and we’ve continued to meet the changings needs of the PR landscape. With this kind of forward momentum, we don’t need to steal a Tony like Kramer. Our awards include Emmy®s, The Telly Awards, PR Daily Awards and others.  

A Dawson’s Creek-like loyal following

With today’s communications teams charged with delivering results, MediaSource’s reputation for creating high-quality work with proven business impact has positioned us as a trusted industry resource.

Remember your best friend from kindergarten? We do. After 20 years, we’re still working with our very first client, The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. MediaSource’s roster also includes client partners from respected Ohio and national organizations such as the Ohio Development Services Agency, Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Orlando Health, The Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the American Dairy Association Mideast.

“It’s an honor to work on projects that move the needle for these clients,” said Arledge Powell. “Knowing our clients trust us and that we’ve consistently provided new, and innovative ways to use content to drive PR and marketing results makes me excited for the evolution over next 20 years.”

With 20 years of memories, MediaSource is marking their growth with their anniversary on September 11, 2018 and a new logo, which incorporates the 20-year milestone. The commemoration will continue with a year-long campaign showcasing their evolution and forward-thinking into 2019.


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