MediaSource Shines, Winning the Evening

MediaSource Shines, Winning the Evening

We’re breaking molds and taking trophies

At MediaSource, we’re all about content innovation, creative storytelling and maybe a summer cocktail or two to celebrate our five PRism Awards and four Awards of Excellence. For the sixth consecutive year, our nationally-recognized communications agency nabbed some hardware from the Central Ohio Public Relations Society of America for our work in video production, strategic insights, public relations and social media.  

So what have we been up to? Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at our prize-winning campaigns:

PRism Award: Best Use of Social Media Platform, TechOhio:

For TechOhio, we developed an awards campaign driven by social media participation and voting to discover the startup with the best company culture. Because TechOhio is the voice of Ohio Third Frontier, an agency within the Ohio Development Services Agency (ODSA) that provides startups with access to business assistance, talent and capital, we wanted to increase brand awareness within the extensive startup network. Driven by nominations, votes and community interactions, this social media campaign secured 5,300+ engagements and more than 309,000 impressions. We used strategic insights like these to drive website traffic and increase social engagement by 71 percent. What can we say, everyone loves a little healthy competition.


PRism Award: Best Use of Social Media Platform, Kilwins:

Got a sweet tooth? The luxury candy shop, Kilwins, was looking to grow its social media presence at its new Dublin location. In order to differentiate Kilwins from their competition, we used Instagram to draw on the city’s cultural and lifestyle influencers, developing relevant and community-based content. With over 1K+ followers and an engagement increase of 674 percent, it’s no surprise our social media campaign skills took the cake for this category.


Award of Excellence: Best Use of Video, ADA Butter Cow:

It’s not everyday that you get to work with a client like the American Dairy Association (ADA), especially on their butter cow project for the Ohio State Fair. As part of our interactive digital PR campaign for 2018, we partnered with ADA to come up with an iconic theme, settling on Christmas in July to honor the 35th anniversary of the classic holiday film, “A Christmas Story” (filmed in Cleveland, Ohio). Several scenes from the classic movie were sculpted in butter, and to share the sculpture with the world, we created a range of video elements to promote the display. We came at the project with storytelling skills blazing, creating a news-style video, graphic-style social video and a behind-the-scenes video. Using video production to drive storytelling is one of our many strengths, and we loved milking our creative skills on this project.


Award of Excellence: Media Relations, Consumer Products and Services, Nationwide Children’s Hospital:

Nationwide Children’s Hospital wanted to launch a consumer-facing media relations campaign that enhanced the brand’s reputation as a compassionate and accessible organization. Partnering with us meant that our team spun medical research into practical consumer advice, capturing stories in the social-friendly, human-interest style of a digital journalist for the news media. With access to a customized Multimedia Newsroom, we were able to make our content media-ready and maximize national exposure. With a total audience of 6.9 billion, it’s fair to say that our integrated approach to media relations drives successful brand awareness.


PRism Award: Media Kits, Multimedia Newsroom:

We have to admit, we love when things are easy — order food, have it delivered, need links, build a newsroom—that kind of thing. Our tech team built the Multimedia Newsroom, a digital delivery system that shares high-quality multimedia content directly to journalists in multiple downloadable formats. This technology differs from a standard online newsroom because its purpose is to make content easily downloadable for journalists in a variety of high-quality formats and compressions so that they can access the content quickly and easily — without needing to register and get a username. (We never remember our passwords, either). For us, being internet and journalist-friendly is the name of the game.


PRism Award: Online Communications, TechOhio Blog:

Our content creation strategy for TechOhio is more complex than blogging. We love getting the chance to combine our video production with written content and social media execution. For this client, our goal is to raise the visibility of the state of Ohio as a destination for entrepreneurs with a focus on technology startup companies. Since the blog’s inception, we’ve seen a  426 percent increase in visitors to TechOhio, leading to over 26,000 total site visits in 2018. So people like the blog, now what? Well, with more than 330 companies founded in Ohio and  3,000 new jobs, we’d say content marketing has made a big difference for the Buckeye State!


Award of Excellence: Use of Data/Analytics, Ohio Opioid Technology Challenge:

Time to put on our thinking hats—we’re not just experts at content creation, we’re also pretty measurement and strategic insight savvy. How? Well, for the state of Ohio, we used analytics to find the most efficient way to raise awareness for the Ohio Opioid Technology Challenge, a commitment that leveraged $8 million for new ideas and tech-based opioid epidemic solutions. By determining the best way to reach the entrepreneurs and scientists that were looking to engage and motivate to action, we doubled the number of competitors and increased campaign awareness. Numbers don’t lie!


PRism Award: VNR, Male Plastic Surgery, ASPS:

This video news release for the American Society of Plastic Surgeons was all about men seeking help from plastic surgeons to enhance their looks and build confidence. True to our video production and media relations roots, we created a VNR that would prompt media coverage, social sharing and encourage national exposure for the brand. One of our key tactics in handling this project was to map out important story elements and messaging, using a multimedia approach to amplify the message across various channels. With this game plan, we landed top-tier markets like national airings on CBS This Morning and the TODAY Show.


Award of Excellence: VNR, OSUWMC, Deep Brain Stimulation – Alzheimer’s:

While most treatments for Alzheimer’s disease focus on improving memory, researchers at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center (OSUWMC) conducted a study aimed at slowing the decline of problem solving and decision-making skills in these patients using Deep Brain Stimulation. For this VNR, we wanted to highlight the findings of this unique study and generate patient interest. We incorporated a multimedia approach, creating video elements specific for social media to better reach the consumer audience and encourage social sharing. This tactic drove 56 patient inquiries to OSUWMC about the DBS treatment for Alzheimer’s. The total audience reach to date through this VNR is almost 776 million people and includes 524 media placements. Talk about impact.


At the end of the day, these projects were a lot of hard work and a lot of fun! We’re honored by this recognition and until next time, cheers!

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