S.O.S: When Your Brand Should Call in the Experts

S.O.S: When Your Brand Should Call in the Experts

Knowing when you need help is an important part of achieving your goals

Your content marketing team has chops, but how do you know when to ask for outside help? Like any good communications pro, you’re always willing to go the extra mile for your clients, whether that means working late or hand-writing a thank you card. Sometimes, the smartest move for your team (and your brand) is to phone up the experts. Do you need a video that’s movie-perfection? Exposure on the best channels? Here are the situations that might warrant an expert’s touch.

Budget vs. Bandwidth

Of course, your in-house team members are brand experts, but whenever you start a new project, it’s important to ask if you have the right people in place, and more importantly, if you have the budget and the bandwidth to cover the project’s particulars. Everyone has known the importance of sticking to a budget since their piggybank days, but with new projects or clients, it’s necessary to weigh your budget constraints with the talent you have in place. If you start this project, will it spread your team too thin? Will you have burn out? This might be the perfect time to call in the experts: freelancers or companies that can help you meet project goals without sacrificing your budget or your team’s current workload. This strategy will keep your team happy (less hair pulling!) and will help you deliver a stellar final product.  

Specialized Fields 

Uh-oh, you’ve got a new video request and it will probably require drone footage. Something you can handle? Sure, we all love taking on big projects (they’re great learning opportunities after all), but if this is completely new territory, sometimes it’s best to ask an expert for help. In the case of specialized fields like video production, writing or even special event planning, just remember that because you do it all, you don’t have to do it all. By phoning a friend, you can make sure your big project doesn’t flounder in uncharted waters. An expert can help drive you toward success and in the future, you can think about building on what you’ve learned. 

Leveraging Relationships

Communications pros know there’s nothing quite like a good relationship — they take the “who you know” adage and apply it to earn brand coverage far and wide. Some projects, however, might require a bigger reach, so why not expand that network? When you’re pitching something new to your same connections, you might need to bring in a media relations team that has expertise in different areas. Have something with a sports angle? Need a way to pitch ESPN? If you don’t have these connections in-house, or want to learn different pitching strategies for new content or clients, turning to communications gurus can help earn your brand even more coverage.

Make it Count

Sometimes, communication is a numbers game. When it’s time to figure out your brand’s reach, you’re often asking a lot of data-driven questions. Who’s seeing your message? Who’s engaging with your posts on social media? All of these measurements say important things about the success of your strategies. To make sure you’re getting the biggest (and best) picture about your about how your content performs out in the world, an expert team of analysts can help you set benchmarks and introduce you to different measurement techniques. Of course, tracking data is important, but if you really want your results to make an impact on your brand’s message, data and analytics wizards can give you the context to support your vision.

Like our teachers always told us, there’s no such thing as a dumb question. Don’t be afraid to call in the experts to help take your brand to the next level — whether you want to supplement your already stellar team, or you’re looking for a fresh pair of eyes and skills, sometimes your goals are only a call away.

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