Is Your PR Agency Making the Cut?

Is Your PR Agency Making the Cut?

The rise of content marketing in public relations has left many traditional PR firms fighting to remain relevant. The successful PR firms of the future will be hybrid agencies that specialize in using content to drive a company’s business goals.

With a changing industry, it can be difficult to know how to measure success or know what to expect. While a good agency is forward thinking, a plan can be difficult to articulate. Here are a few qualities of a strong agency:

Find strong stories: 

The most valuable PR firms are experts at story finding — the step that comes before storytelling begins. They help their clients understand how to embed PR team members into key company departments as brand journalists, working like beat reporters to discover authentic stories that align with company messaging. The key to a strong story is making sure it’s adaptable to all platforms. If you want the content to spread, it needs to be shareable.

Multi-platform content creation: 

Say goodbye to the days of hiring a PR agency and a separate content production firm. We live in a visual world. PR firms equipped for the modern media age have production teams trained in creating multimedia content such as video, audio and graphics. Not only should these teams be experts in everything from video to television, but they should also master every social platform.

Distribution expertise:

Today it’s not enough to create great content, you need to make sure that your target audience sees it. In content marketing, it’s your job to spread that content and get views. In traditional PR, distribution to media outlets used to be enough, but that’s not the case anymore. Strong firms have a broad network of influencers that can naturally and authentically promote their message. It’s also a good idea to have an entire strategy adapted to the PESO model.


It’s time to cut the jokes about PR pros and math. Today’s successful agencies understand measurement and analytics. Before a campaign begins, forward-thinking agencies focus on quantifiable goals and design content to achieve the desired results. These measurements should be used to develop strategies and reach bottom-line business results such as new sales, web traffic or sales leads.

By assessing your firm using these points, you can see if you’ll need to adapt certain strategies to meet your current and future goals — the most important part? Taking the first step.


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