Team-Building from Afar: Employee Engagement While Working from Home

Team-Building from Afar: Employee Engagement While Working from Home

As a growing majority of the workforce all over the world is switching to working from home due to the coronavirus pandemic, companies are faced with a new challenge: how to keep employees feeling connected without seeing each other face-to-face for an unknown period of time. 


We take pride in our culture at MediaSource and our team members are keeping employee engagement top-of-mind. When we began working from home, we immediately started thinking of fun, new ways to stay connected. Here are just some of the things our team is doing during these unprecedented times: 


Discussion Boards 

Not sharing an office means leaving behind all those casual conversations you have throughout the day about the latest show you’re bingeing on Netflix or what you did over the weekend. We send messages and plan video calls to keep communication clear about our work, but we still needed a space to talk about life. We created a discussion forum with a wide variety of topics that everyone can take part in — book and movie recommendations, remote-working hacks and even the latest memes. It’s no surprise the most popular discussion thread is the one where everybody is sharing pictures of their new coworkers, our pets!


Virtual Happy Hours 

We have always loved our happy hours at MediaSource, so why should these stop just because we’re not in the office? During our first virtual happy hour, we played rounds of trivia where we wrote down our answers and held them up on the screen (Quick: what year was the first iPhone released?). We also held a virtual happy hour on one of our team member’s birthdays so that we could still celebrate from our homes. Speaking of birthdays… 


Celebrating Birthdays

A birthday is one of the few things that can’t be canceled or postponed because of coronavirus.  Although we can’t celebrate with our friends and family like we normally would, we can find new ways to make someone’s day special. When two of our team members recently had birthdays, we had a cake delivered to their doorstep and created videos of happy birthday messages to make sure their birthday spent in self-isolation still felt special. 


Playing Games

At MediaSource, we like to play a quick game or have everyone answer a fun question before a meeting begins to get the creative juices flowing and energize the group. And as our meetings have moved to video conferences, we’re still doing games and energizers to keep the laughter and energy up. Kicking off a staff meeting with a question like “If you had your own late-night talk show, who would you invite as your first guest?” allows for everybody to have their time on the screen so we can all see each other.


The common theme among all efforts to stay connected is purposefully making time in our days for a mental break from working alone at home. Whenever we are back together in the MediaSource office, we will be grateful we made it a priority to stay connected during our time apart. We’re fortunate we have the opportunity to work from home in the first place, and we have so much respect and appreciation for all of those working on the front lines through this pandemic who can’t stay at home.

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