Why We Love MediaSource: A Valentine’s Day Celebration

Why We Love MediaSource: A Valentine’s Day Celebration

It’s Valentine’s Day, and love is in the air. 

At MediaSource, we’re using this season to celebrate the love that flows both ways at our company. Our employees love working here, and MediaSource gives back in the form of company culture, employee perks and more. 

From our great clients to the pups who hang out at the office to our tight-knit group of coworkers, here’s what our team LOVES about working at MediaSource:


Molly: I love working at MediaSource because we’re a team who works hard and plays hard — from pitching our hearts out in the morning to laughing together at a happy hour at night. We truly like being around each other and want to see one another succeed.


Chris: I really enjoy my coworkers. During the hiring process, MediaSource does a great job of putting creative people in a space together.


Roshawnda: We have an amazing team of creative individuals at MediaSource! Our culture runs deep, from our group brainstorming retreats to bringing our dogs to the office. We all welcome the challenge of accomplishing goals on behalf of our clients, and we love being a group of overachievers!


Christian: Work-from-home Fridays are so great! As someone who has a longer commute, not having to drive to work every Friday is an amazing perk. 


Emily: I enjoy all the new challenges at MediaSource — no two days are alike. I also very much enjoy my coworkers and everything I learn from them, both work and non-work related. Finally, I cannot wait for the MS volleyball team to start!!!


Aleesia: There’s no question — my favorite part about working for MediaSource is my coworkers. We truly are a team, where everyone plays an important role. It also helps that we all genuinely get along, which makes for a collaborative, welcoming and fun atmosphere. Coming to work each day is a pleasure, not a burden.


Andrew: I love that work at MediaSource constantly presents new creative challenges. We’re a team of seasoned storytellers and it’s great to have our work projects centered around engaging, stimulating topics that reward out-of-the-box thinking.


Evan: I LOVE the team of people that I work with. Not only are they full of great ideas, but they’re constantly lifting each other up. It’s a special thing when you find a group of people that care this much, even when they’re rolling up their sleeves to get the job done.


Alyssa: What I love about working at MediaSource is the variety of amazing clients I get to support. I learn something new every day from the collaboration, the experts we talk to and the stories we tell.


Garry: I love that everyone here truly wants to make MediaSource the best place to work. Decisions are made with the goal of improving our work lives and ensuring that we are able to do great work for our clients. Plus, you never know when upwards of three dogs will be playing in the studio, so that’s pretty great too. 



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