Seven Traits of a PR Pro

Seven Traits of a PR Pro

Whether it’s SEO knowledge or media relations excellence, in the ever-changing communication landscape, the must-have skills for public relations professionals continue to grow.

Beyond hard skills, thriving in a PR environment takes a certain type of person. Here are seven characteristics that prove you are meant to be a PR professional:

Competitive is your middle name

Nothing motivates you more than the prospect of winning, which is why you bring your A-game every day. Whether you were an elite athlete or the person chosen last in gym class, in the PR world, you laugh in the face of losing. Going head-to-head with your rivals gives you a rush of adrenaline.  

Your blood is caffeinated and trendy

When you’re not guzzling a cup of coffee, you’re sipping on a La Croix. PR pros aren’t just on top of social media trends — they make them part of their lifestyle. Everyone knows to ask to you for opinions when a new brand takes over the market. You’ll know the best thing to buy and where to snag it when it hits stores.

Wi-Fi is your best friend

Internet connectivity is your lifeblood and you can’t imagine facing the day without it. You choose coffee shops and restaurants based on free accessibility. The menu? You’ve already downloaded the PDF from their website and know exactly what you’re going to order.

You’d be lost without a planner

Let’s face it—as a PR pro, you are constantly on the move. With a million things going on, your planner becomes your lifeline. It doesn’t matter if you are a Google calendar lover or a handwritten guru, you just can’t miss your  deadlines.

You have all the latest news

You see what’s happening in the world through a unique lens that’s focused on how your company or client can be part of the conversation. Your favorite go-to  journalists are conveniently programmed into your phone so you can quickly contact them when a big story breaks. Even your friends know you’re the source for their daily briefing.

You always forget what day it is In a job that’s nonstop, the days seem to all blend together. Sometimes you think it’s Thursday when it’s really Monday and other times you accidentally jump awake on the weekends and think it’s time to go to the office. A day you don’t forget? Friday afternoon happy hour.

You didn’t take math in college — and now use it all the time 

You can recite every rule in the AP Stylebook, but numbers aren’t really your thing. Even though looking at spreadsheets may make your head hurt, seeing pages of social media analytics and the insanely big numbers that describe your campaign makes everything feel a lot better.

Sure, these traits may seem a little weird and even stressful, but one thing is for sure — you wouldn’t have it any other way.


















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