‘Kidney Voucher’ Campaign Goes Viral – Strategic Story Development with UCLA Health


Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center partnered with MediaSource to leverage effective, compelling video content telling the story of their innovative kidney program, with the goal of boosting online exposure of the kidney voucher program on social channels, positioning the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center as a leading healthcare innovator.

The overarching goal of this campaign was to introduce UCLA Health’s kidney voucher program to a national audience and increase participation in this innovative organ donation program.


Our content creators produced a video targeted to social media that focused on Howard Broadman, a grandfather who donated a kidney so that he could get a “voucher” in case his grandson needed a kidney in the future. The video was produced in social media style, focusing on the human angle and using bold graphics so that the story could be shared and understood, specifically on Facebook, without audio.


In total, this campaign reached a Facebook audience of more than 1.4 million viewers, with over 22,674 reactions and 5,424 shares across Facebook, including our targeted viral platforms Upworthy & Humankind’s pages.

The Facebook and digital buzz resulted in real-life impact and greater participation in the innovative medical service, changing the lives of those in need of a kidney transplant across the country. To date, three new participants have enrolled in the program with two more in line to participate. These three voucher donors triggered 25 transplants across the country. This means 25 people are now free from dialysis, forever changing lives.

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