The MediaSource Multimedia Release

Simple Device Sanitizes Often Overlooked Breeding Ground for Bacteria and Viruses

Shared pens carry thousands of germs but are rarely cleaned between users.


Did you know that the clipboard pen has been found to be the germiest item in medical offices, with more than 46,000 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat? An employee at Orlando Health was struck by how often people use things like pens and other public instruments without knowing how contaminated they could be. Backed by the hospital, that employee created a solution called the CleanBlock, a transparent cube filled with sanitizing solution that kills 99.9% of all germs in a matter of seconds. It became our job at MediaSource to make sure as many people as possible knew about this germ-fighting development to help drive sales.


Our team set to work talking to doctors, healthcare officials and even patients, showcasing the importance of sanitation and the risks of spreading germs to one another. This became an especially big concern in 2020 with the rapid development of the COVID-19 pandemic. Individuals around the world started taking cleanliness into their own hands as they became more aware of the germs around them than ever before. MediaSource created a multimedia toolkit intended to show how easy it is to use CleanBlock and why it should be an essential tool in all medical offices of the future.


The goal was to get the story in front of two valuable audiences – consumers and those who work in medical offices. Both would positively impact sales of the CleanBlock and elevate the client’s reputation as an innovator in healthcare. CleanBlock’s effectiveness and utility made the story universal. A $20 item was helping keep patients and healthcare workers safer and eliminating a major method of communicable disease spread. Our public relations team got the multimedia toolkit into the hands of journalists all over the country, including top consumer media outlets and medical trade media.



Sales data for the CleanBlock skyrocketed as publicity rolled in, reaching an all-time peak the day after the story’s release.  The story garnered coverage in six of the country’s top 20 media markets and multiple top medical trades. As a result of appearing on news channels and in print articles across the country, CleanBlock sales increased by 2,206%, with online store conversions increasing 4,166% compared to the previous month.