At MediaSource, our values are everything. Through the rapidly changing world of marketing and public relations, those values keep us constantly evolving and always on track. 

When we consider partnering with a new client, we always ensure that our values match. When we build our team, we’re always careful to match our values with a new team member. And once we have that team built, our values guide the way we take care of our staff and protect their futures. 

But what good are values if they aren’t properly defined? 

The entirety of the MediaSource team worked together to identify exactly what MediaSource’s core values mean to us.


MediaSource team members act on purpose and with purpose simultaneously.

We approach work in an intentional way, understanding that the purpose of what we do – and how we contribute to the world – is by disseminating important information on behalf of our clients in a meaningful way.

We value and respect this responsibility over all else.


We love the work we do, which motivates us to continually reach goals that other agencies do not.

We feel a strong desire to see our clients succeed and we approach our work with them as bold, honest partners.

Our passion is what drives our team to continue getting better and achieve the high results we do.


We recognize the power of original ideas and appreciate that the smallest thought can lead to the biggest story.

We are never satisfied with a surface-level understanding.

We use our curiosity to drive thoughts that lead to unique solutions.


MediaSource team members are respectful to all.

We embrace differences in background and culture.

We know that it takes a collective of diverse talents and personalities from all walks of life to solve problems in today’s world.


MediaSource team members know that the best work comes from a balance of satisfaction from work and from life outside work.

We respect boundaries put in place by others to make that balance accessible.

We use that balance to live service-forward, fulfilling lives in our communities.


MediaSource team members view change as an opportunity to grow and flex new skills.

We pivot our areas of expertise – and work collaboratively – both within the company and with our clients to fill gaps.

We align our respective visions to achieve our goals.


At MediaSource, we believe in being exceptional in all things. We aim to be exceptional partners to organizations that fit our core values, use our connections and expertise to deliver exceptional results and build an exceptional staff that is happy, secure and successful.  

Storytelling With a Purpose

At the heart of everything we do is our method of Storytelling With a Purpose. Our expertise in the “why?” of storytelling allows our clients’ messages to reach their target audiences and achieve business goals.

We don’t just tackle any old story — we believe in our clients’ work and the power of a great story. We understand the importance of these stories, the best way to deliver them to their audiences and the way they can make their biggest possible impact.

Building a Dream Team

The MediaSource staff is a tight-knit bunch, but we aren’t just about team happy hours and extra days off. The company was built by a journalist turned marketer who climbed through the ranks to become a marketing and public relations expert, and two members of our leadership team started their MediaSource careers as interns.

We give people the tools to do their best work, the flexibility to lead a balanced life and the guidance and support to achieve anything they desire from their careers.

We're a Work in Progress

A critical aspect of the MediaSource ethos is the understanding that we are always evolving in all attributes of the company.

For our work and our clients, we are constantly working to better understand the dynamics of our field and the best ways we can deliver results. For our own team, we never stop striving to find new ways to engage our staff and cultivate their careers. In our community, we acknowledge that we can always do more work to improve equity and inclusion, especially in our own office.